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Expanding Sovereignty: the reclamation of sovereign practices in the post-9/11 era

In the post-9/11, globalised era, states are increasingly seeking security by reclaiming sovereignty in a number of novel ways, such as extraordinary rendition, the use of surveillance and technology, and even through language and identity practices. For some observers, this stretching of the traditional idea of sovereignty has deep implications, creating not only new security practices but also new ideas about geography, law and politics.

This one day, informal workshop aims to explore some of the empirical and theoretical questions arising out of such practices. Confirmed guests include Richard Devetak (UQ), Matt McDonald (UQ), Gideon Baker (Griffiths), Charlotte Epstein (Sydney), Rachel Busbridge (La Trobe), Rob Cameron (RMIT), and Peter Chambers (Melbourne). Researchers and postgraduates in any field are welcome to attend and/or contribute. Expressions of interest should be directed to:

Christine Agius by November 10.