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Current Projects

Part of The Swinburne Institute research work is funded by competitive grants such as those offered by the ARC. Other research work is funded by federal and state governments, community organisations and institutes. Below are a summary of some of the recent research projects:

Sustainability through socio-technical innovation - supply side solutions to sustainability in relation to water, energy, material use and urban transport

National Homelessness Partnership Agreement (FaHCSIA) - a cooperative research undertaken by the Homelessness Research Consortium team aims to directly contribute to policy and programs designed to achieve the White Paper goal of halving homelessness by 2020.

Youthworx - examines the impact working as a producer in a youth-run community media station has on 'at risk' young people. Also looked at is the convergence between media diversity, innovation and new approaches to social problems

World Internet Project - an international statistical study of patterns of internet use over time

Broadband at home in remote Indigenous communities - examines the feasibility, benefits and obstacles involved in providing household broadband access for remote communities

Social memory and historical justice - how the victimisation of minorities is publicly and collectively remembered in countries including Australia, New Zealand, the Ukranie, Spain, Austria, Germany, Peru and Mexico

From research to manufacturing - networks and knowledge diffusion in Australian nanotechnology - A CSIRO-funded project.

To see details of other research projects, please click on the following links: